Soccer marine rescues a child dropped by mother from 3 floors during a fire

The former Marine used his soccer skills when he caught a three-year-old boy thrown out of a burning building by his mother. The man’s reaction was lightning fast – and saved 3-year-old Jamison Long, who was on the balcony of the third floor, life.

Philip Blanks, 28, from Phoenix rushed to the flaming house, barely hearing cries for help, and saw Jameson’s mother throw her baby down in a desperate attempt to save the boy’s life. It was not difficult for Philip to catch the kid “spinning like a propeller” during the fall: years of college when he was host to the football team reminded of himself. In an interview with ABC, the man noted that he acted “instinctively.” “I didn’t really think about anything. – recalls the former marine – I just reacted: I did what I did. ” “I learned to catch the ball well, playing football, so partly for this I have to thank him. But, first of all, I am grateful for the service in the Marine Corps, where they taught me how to save lives. ” “I am not a hero. I am just a person doing his duty. ”

Philip added that the real feat was performed by Jamison’s mother, Rachel, 30, who died in the flame and “sacrificed herself to save the children.” “Rachel was a mother, wife, sister, daughter and granddaughter,” says the GoFundMe page, which has already raised $ 43,000 in support of the family, “who knew how to enjoy life like no other. She was a heroine and made the greatest sacrifice that a mother can make for her children. ” Jamison, his 8-year-old sister and another woman injured in the fire, were taken to hospital. All three have burns, but they are expected to survive.