Social networks ridiculed a disgruntled client whose wife waited too long for grated cheese in a restaurant

A resident of Texas in a matter of hours turned into a star of social networks – but not for the most flattering reason. Having complained on Twitter about the service at the Mi Cocina restaurant in Allen, Texas, the man laid the foundation for a string of memes and jokes.

In a short post, Jason S. Wickner said that he decided to take his wife out on a date after 3 months spent by the couple in self-isolation, however, the pleasure of a long-awaited visit to the restaurant spoiled … the absence of grated cheese. “My wife and I went on a date after more than 3 months in quarantine. – the man wrote, illustrating his tweet with a photograph of a dissatisfied wife – We’ve been waiting for grated cheese for 18 minutes, because she can only eat fajita with him. We spoke with 4 different waiters – and nothing. ” “This is just unreal. It’s time to stop blaming COVID-19 for poor service. ”

Soon the tweet was deleted, and after it the man’s account, however, dozens of users managed to take screenshots of the post, after which he began to rapidly gain popularity in the social network.

“Here they are, faces of a national tragedy: The Migrant Mother by Dorothea Lang (1936) and“ I have been waiting for my grated cheese for too long ”(2020),” commented photographer David Poller, who compared the two frames to enhance the effect. “You see, my wife can only eat fajita with cheese. – Another commentator jokes. “Doctors say that it’s not fatal, but, alas, there is no medicine.”

“18 minutes? – the next one joins him – We need a continuation of the story! How is she? Did it all end well? ” “This is all, of course, funny,” another user intervenes, “but let’s not pretend that none of us ever complained about the service.” Wickneyr later apologized for the tweet, saying that he had unsuccessfully formulated his claims and had chosen the wrong time for the post. He added that he was trying to contact Mi Cocina to apologize.

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