Son of Vrbetica bombing victim criticized Czech president

2 months ago

Ondřej Havranek, the son of one of the victims of the 2014 explosions at the Vrbetica armory, criticized Czech President Miloš Zeman for saying that unprofessional handling of ammunition was the cause of the incident.

The man refused to acknowledge the version of negligence and noted that it was not because he wanted to protect his father’s reputation at any cost. In his opinion, it is clear from publicly available sources that the option of negligent handling of ammunition has already been ruled out.

Havranek referred to the time sequence of events, which he said ruled out that the actions of his father or his colleague Petrzyk, who also died, could have caused the warehouse explosion. He said he intended to write an open letter to the president.

On April 25, Zeman made several statements in an emergency televised address. He promised to declassify the results of the investigation of explosions at Vrbetica ammunition depots, and also did not rule out that the scandal that erupted could be the result of special services’ game. The Czech leader also stated that the reports of Czech Security and Information Service (counterintelligence) contain no evidence of the presence of “Russian agents” at the ammunition depot in Vrbetica.

Explosions at the ammunition depot occurred on October 16 and December 3, 2014. Two people died as a result of the incidents. Causes of the incidents have not been determined.