South Korean parties welcome Biden as US President

Representatives of the ruling and opposition parties in South Korea welcome the election of Joe Biden as President of the United States, expressing hopes for a stronger US-South Korean alliance, Ryonhap reports.

Democratic candidate Biden announced his election as President of the United States on Saturday. Earlier, the largest American media announced Biden’s victory in the presidential race. The incumbent President Donald Trump, in turn, said that the elections are far from over, he intends to defend his own victory in court.

As the agency reports, South Korean politicians unanimously express their hopes for a strengthening of the alliance with the United States and a “new beginning”, but at the same time they express expectations and fears about the new president’s approach to the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula.

“I wish that the new US leadership, from an economic and military ally of South Korea, also becomes an ally in the peace process … I hope that (Joe Biden – ed.) Will soon visit South Korea and hold talks with President of the Republic of Kazakhstan Moon Jae-in,” – said the spokesman for the ruling United Democratic Party, Ho Young.

Party leader Lee Nak Young said earlier that the party’s task force is going to visit the United States on November 16, as it is important to establish relations with the new government within the next 100 days.

“Unlike (Barack) Obama’s presidency, now that North Korea has ICBMs, the United States will not be able to ignore the situation with North Korea’s nuclear weapons,” said the head of the parliamentary committee on foreign affairs and unification, Son Yong-gil, denying the likelihood termination of negotiations with the DPRK in the event of the presidency of Biden.

“I am confident that this will be a pretext for further strengthening and developing the US-South Korean alliance. The people of the United States have chosen to change. Now, voices demanding change and innovation will also increase in South Korea,” said Kim Eun Hye, a spokesman for the opposition Civil Force Party … She added that Moon Jae-in’s government, “which, through its rhetoric about its leadership in the processes on the Korean Peninsula, expressed disdain for the US-ROK alliance,” will now have to face change.

Civic Force Crisis Committee Chairman Kim Jong-in, who was also formerly a member of the United Democratic Party and the conservative United Future Party, said that “the Biden government prefers democratic alliances more than others” and now “the conflict between the US and China will intensify.” He added that South Korea in such a situation needs to determine its position as soon as possible. “The fact that the number of votes in the mail exceeded 100 million shows that the trust of American citizens in the Trump government has shattered,” Kim Jong In said.

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