“Sowing confusion among the people”: opposition journalist hanged in Iran

"Sowing confusion among the people": opposition journalist hanged in Iran

The head of Amad News, Ruhollah Zam, was executed in Iran on 12 December, Tasnim news agency reported.

The execution was carried out by hanging, it added. The agency noted that he ran not only the portal but also a Telegram channel. A few days before the execution, the country’s Supreme Court upheld the June verdict.

In June, it was reported that Ruhollah Zam, head of the news portal Amad News, was sentenced to death. Iranian Supreme Court spokesman Gholam Hossein Ismaili then stressed that the decision could be appealed.

Zam was detained in October 2019 by the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps. It was alleged that the intelligence agency had been following the journalist for years. According to them, he was collaborating with foreign intelligence agencies and wanted to “lead the country into turmoil”.

Zam was active in covering protests in Iran in 2017-2018, with his permanent residence being France. Iranian authorities have repeatedly described Amad News as an anti-government resource.