Space X postpones launch of Starship SN9 due to U.S. civil aviation investigation

Space X postpones launch of Starship SN9 due to U.S. civil aviation investigation

Regulators found irregularities during the launch of the previous SN8 launch.

The launch of the Starship SN8 rocket violated the terms of the test license that Space X was granted by the U.S. Civil Aviation Authority (FAA). This is reported by The Verge.

What exactly Space X violated during the launch of Starship SN8 – is not reported. However, because of the launched investigation by U.S. civil aviation, the launch of the prototype rocket SN9 was delayed, although it was originally scheduled for January 28.

The representative of the American regulator, commenting on the violation of the conditions of the test license Space X, said that the company Ilon Musk has filed a request to modify its conditions. A modified license will be accepted after the FAA will make sure that Space X has taken all necessary steps to comply with the conditions of the regulator.

Despite the actions of Space X, the company’s founder Elon Musk expressed dissatisfaction with the FAA. He accused the regulator of a “thoroughly broken” approach to regulating space flights, suggesting that regular launches of reusable rockets do not meet the prescribed standards.

Space X has previously engaged in litigation with the U.S. government. In 2014, the company sued the U.S. for the right to participate in military launches, and in 2019 the subject of the proceedings was “wrongly concluded” rocket contracts.

In early January, it was reported that SpaceX will test a new way to land the first stage of a Starship rocket. The company wants it not to land on a landing pad.

Last week Space X launched a rocket with a record number of satellites.