SpaceX boosts US satellite into orbit

SpaceX boosts US satellite into orbit

US space company announces successful launch of satellite into Earth orbit

The American company SpaceX on Sunday, December 13, successfully launched a Falcon 9 launch vehicle with a repeater satellite SXM-7.

The launch took place at 12:30 local time from the spaceport at Cape Canaveral (Florida).

The launch was broadcast on the company’s website. The launch was planned for Friday and was postponed due to high winds.
“Deployment of SXM-7 confirmed,” SpaceX officials wrote on Twitter.

The SXM-7 satellite, made by Maxar Technologies for SiriusXM, a radio broadcaster with an audience of more than 34 million people, is to replace the in-orbit XM-3 and provide radio programming across the US, Canada and the Caribbean.
Its expected lifetime is 15 years. Its launch was originally scheduled for August 1, but was postponed for technical reasons.

SpaceX has brought the spent first stage of the carrier back to Earth. The stage descended smoothly onto the Just Read the Instructions floating platform in the Atlantic Ocean. The multiple use of rocket parts allows Ilon Musk’s company to cut the cost of launching vehicles into orbit. The stage has previously been used six times, including for the first launch of the Crew Dragon spacecraft to the International Space Station.