SpaceX launches first launch for US space forces

On Tuesday, SpaceX, using the Falcon 9 rocket, launched the first satellite launch for the U.S. space forces project. The start was made from Cape Canaveral.

The launch was aimed at replacing one of more than 30 vehicles in orbit that help the U.S. Army navigate everything from cars to weapons. This is the first mission of SpaceX and the Space Force squad, in which the third in the new line of modernized GPS navigation satellites, designated as designated GPS 3 SV03, is put into orbit.

Almost 90 minutes after take-off, the upper stage of the Falcon 9 launched a satellite into the trajectory of the desired orbit at an altitude of 400 km to 20,200 km with an inclination of 55 degrees to the equator.

The point orbit allows the GPS 3 SV03 spacecraft in the coming weeks to use its own propulsion system to deploy at altitude, where the satellite should enter the GPS working network in August.