SpaceX successfully launched into orbit a new batch of Starlink Internet satellites: video

On Saturday, June 13, the American company SpaceX successfully launched the Falcon-9 launch vehicle with another group of 58 Starlink system microsatellites

It is reported by SpaceX on Twitter.

Today at 05:21 NY time, 58 Internet satellites were successfully launched into orbit. This is the ninth launch of the Starlink project.

The satellites were sent into space using the Falcon 9 launch vehicle from the LC-40 launch complex at the launch site at Cape Canaveral in Florida.

-The first stage of the launch vehicle, nine minutes after the launch, successfully landed on the Of Course I Still Love You floating platform in the Atlantic Ocean, 629 km from the launch site and about 200 km from the coast of South Carolina.

In addition to the Starlink system satellites, the rocket launched into orbit and three Planet SkySat spacecraft. They are equipped with a portable telescope and a high-resolution camera and are designed to monitor the Earth’s surface from orbit.

Satellites, each weighing 260 kg, will be launched into a reference orbit with parameters 190 × 380 km; after checking the operability, they will be raised to a height of 550 km with an inclination of 53 °. Those that fail tests will be burned in the atmosphere. If ion engines suddenly fail, the satellite itself will leave orbit in 1-5 years.

As a result of this launch, the total number of Starlink satellites launched was brought up to 538.