SpaceX successfully put into orbit 60 Starlink Internet satellites

11 months ago

From the launch site at Cape Canaveral in the United States launched the Falcon 9 rocket with a group of Internet satellites Starlink.

The launch was broadcast live on its website by SpaceX, an American entrepreneur, Elon Musk.

The launch vehicle launched on Wednesday, at 21.25, local time (04.25 Moscow time on Thursday) with 60 satellites. It is reported that the devices have been successfully launched into low Earth orbit.

Starlink is a new generation satellite network that should provide low-cost broadband Internet access to all the inhabitants of the Earth.

The project began to be implemented in the winter of 2018. It is planned to launch a total of almost 12 thousand satellites. SpaceX wants to launch another 30 thousand spacecraft into orbits with altitudes from 328 to 580 km.
The company estimated the cost of this project at $ 10 billion. However, experts call this amount underestimated.

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