Spain announced a sharp jump in the number of infections with coronavirus

In Spain, over the past month, after the lifting of high alert, the number of coronavirus infections increased by 400 percent. A sharp jump was reported by the country’s health ministry, quoted by RIA Novosti.

So, since June 21, 18,564 infected have been identified, 1,154 people were taken to hospitals, 99 people died. It is emphasized that at the beginning of the month, there were 8.76 cases of infection per 100 thousand of the population, by July 20 – 27.39.

The regions most affected by COVID-19 were Catalonia and Aragon. Residents there were encouraged to leave their homes only when absolutely necessary. Almost all autonomous communities in Spain have introduced the mandatory wearing of protective medical masks in public and on the street. Since the beginning of the epidemic, 265 thousand cases of the disease have been registered there, 28.4 thousand people have died.

In the world, as of July 21, the total number of people infected with coronavirus exceeded 14.7 million. The pandemic has affected 188 countries.