Spared $ 20: Trump decided to donate less money to the church

The current American President Donald Trump surprised netizens with another unusual trick. Reuters published a video from a church service in Las Vegas, which the politician attended on Monday, October 19.

Users noticed an interesting detail on the video: while collecting money for the donation basket, Trump took out several $ 20 bills from his pocket, counted and, apparently deciding that this amount was too large for the church, quickly put one bill back in his pocket.

It is noteworthy that not long before this, Donald Trump received a blessing in this evangelical church to win the upcoming presidential elections.

The opponents of the current US president respond to a little greed with huge generosity: on the eve of the Republican-founded Committee “Lincoln Project” announced donations from billionaires for more than a million dollars. The wealthy want to spend these funds to prevent Donald Trump from winning the presidential race.

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