Speaking of racism, Trump urged not to rewrite history

US President Donald Trump supports peaceful protests, but is opposed to rewriting history, The Washington Post reports. In an interview with Trump, commenting on the unrest that swept through the country, he assured that he had nothing against the peaceful expression of protest. “I support peaceful protests,” the American leader said. However, he is against the initiatives of “radical left-wing maniacs and anarchists,” Trump said and explained that the speech was about the demolition of monuments to military commanders and other prominent figures of the slave-holding South of the USA during the Civil War. And it is necessary to protect not only monuments, but also the whole past of the country. “This is part of our history, and it is impossible to erase history,” the owner of the White House emphasized.

From his point of view, military bases named after Confederate generals should not be renamed either. For example, the Fort Bragg base in North Carolina, which is one of the largest military installations in the world. The name of General Braxton Bragg is not well known, but “of these forts we won two world wars,” Trump said.

In addition, Trump accused the Black Lives Matter (Black Lives Matter) movement of inciting violence during the current demonstrations, the newspaper writes. He called the protesters Marxists and those whom people “do not want to see.”