Special agent got out of control and dragged British intelligence into scandal

Special agent got out of control and dragged British intelligence into scandal

British intelligence agency MI6 was embroiled in scandal after it failed to inform the Foreign Office that one of its secret agents overseas was out of control and could be involved in serious crimes. This was reported in the annual report of the Office of the Commissioner of Investigative Credentials (IPCO).

The oversight body indicated that the officer in question wanted to renew his license to kill. It is alleged that the intelligence agency had asked British Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab or his predecessor Jeremy Hunt to renew his credentials and issue him a permit allowing agents working overseas to break laws without fear of prosecution in Britain.

The IPCO report specified that the agent had been contacted by intelligence officials six months before the license renewal was raised. In the conversation, they outlined a number of prohibitions, violation of which would have resulted in termination of his cooperation. And although MI6 had good reason to believe that the contract had been violated, the intelligence still asked the Foreign Ministry to renew his credentials. This circumstance could have gone unnoticed, but it was brought to the attention of the oversight body.

The Guardian stresses that the details of the incident mentioned are not disclosed in the report, so it is unknown whether the minister approved the extension of the agent’s powers.

In August it became known that secret agents of the British intelligence service MI6, after 60 years, will once again receive a license to kill the country’s enemies: it was officially renewed. This was announced by the Minister of Defense of Great Britain Annabelle Goldie.

It was noted that such a license allows agents to avoid charges of murder when they return to Britain after completing a mission. The newspaper also recalls that the last known case of physical elimination of someone by the British secret services outside military conditions was a certain political assassination in Iran in 1961, and before that – the assassination of Congo President Patrice Lumumba.