Starbucks allows coffee shop employees to wear Black Lives Matter T-shirts

Starbucks, an American company, has allowed employees at their coffee houses to wear T-shirts and badges with the Black Lives Matter movement against racism and violence against black people at work.

“Black Lives Matter. This movement is a catalyst for change, and now it tells us about many things that need to be resolved so that we can make room for healing … We heard about your desire to demonstrate your support, so be yourself. You can wear BLM badges and t-shirts. We believe that you are doing the right thing and you will never forget that Starbucks treats everyone with dignity and respect, ”the company said in a statement.

According to CNN, in this way Starbucks reacted to the publication of the Internet portal BuzzFeed. The resource published an internal instruction for coffee shop employees, which drew attention to the fact that they were forbidden to wear clothes or accessories with Black Lives Matter symbols at work. The reason for this was an allegedly dress code for employees, which excludes the possibility of expressing their political, religious or personal beliefs.

The instructions indicated that wearing clothes and accessories with the Black Lives Matter logo could be misunderstood and provoke violence.

Now Starbucks has radically changed its position.

The company has already announced the release of 250 thousand t-shirts with the slogans of the Black Lives Matter movement. Starbucks employees in the US and Canada will be able to wear them.

Earlier, amid mass protests in the United States over the murder of African-American George Floyd by the police, the company announced a decision to donate $ 1 million to organizations “promoting racial justice.”

It is worth noting that previously the company fell into a racist scandal. In 2018, Starbucks temporarily shut down about 8,000 of its coffee shops in the U.S. to instruct staff on the inadmissibility of racial prejudice.

This happened after an employee of one of the cafes called the police to escort two black men who, while waiting for a friend, sat at a table without making an order.