Starlink satellite internet will cover the whole world by September

SpaceX space company of American billionaire Ilon Musk intends to provide the whole world with Starlink satellite Internet coverage by September. After that, work will begin with regulators in each country.

“We’ve successfully deployed about 1,800 satellites, and once they’re in operational orbit, we’ll have uninterrupted global coverage, which should be around September,” SpaceX President and COO Gwynne Shotwell said.

After that, she said, regulatory agencies in each country will begin working to make Starlink Internet available to all users.

She added that beta testing of Starlink in 11 countries has been ongoing since October 2020. Participants in the program received a set of equipment terminal, mounts, and router for $499. Subscription fees are $99 per month.

It was also previously reported that Starlink satellite internet will be available on large vehicles from trucks to planes to ships. And around the world.