State Department: Belarusian authorities should stop violence and start a dialogue with society

The statement with the assessment of the situation in Belarus was published by the deputy official representative of the State Department.

The Belarusian authorities, which have been violating civil rights of the country’s residents for more than 100 days, must stop the violence and start a dialogue with society. This was announced on Thursday by Cale Brown, deputy official representative of the State Department.

In his Twitter, Brown published a report stating that official Minsk has been “systematically and flagrantly violating human rights with regard to the Belarusian people” for more than 100 days. It is time to stop the violence, release the detainees, respect human rights and engage in a dialogue with Belarusian society”.

On Tuesday, the House of Representatives approved a bill “On sovereignty, human rights and democracy in Belarus. It will allow to impose sanctions not only against the Belarusian, but also against Russian citizens related to repressions in Belarus.

The bill was presented by Republican Congressman Christopher Smith, supported by representatives of both parties.

The bill expands the powers of the U.S. president on the issue of sanctions in connection with fraud in the presidential elections in Belarus in August and human rights violations in that country.

The bill also calls for new, free and fair elections in Belarus in accordance with OSCE standards. If the document is supported by the senators and signed by the President, the U.S. recognizes the Coordinating Council created by the Belarusian opposition as a legitimate institution with the right to participate in a dialogue on the peaceful transfer of power. The bill also emphasizes that Washington does not recognize Alexander Lukashenko as “legally elected leader of Belarus,” and also does not consider it lawful to include Belarus in the union state with Russia.

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