State Department urged Americans to cancel all trips to Belarus

The U.S. State Department urged Americans to avoid traveling to Belarus due to the forced landing of Ryanair aircraft in Minsk to detain co-founder of Telegram channel NEXTA Roman Protasevich.

The recommendations were made public on the official website of the State Department on Wednesday, May 26.

“The Belarusian authorities have taken action against people associated with independent and foreign media. On May 23, the Belarusian authorities forced a passenger plane that was transiting their airspace to land. This was done to detain one of the passengers, an opposition journalist. “Do not visit Belarus due to the arbitrary application of laws, risk of detention and the situation with COVID-19,” said the State Department.

The State Department also added that Belarusian authorities have detained tens of thousands of people, including Americans, on suspicion of “ties with the opposition and alleged participation in political demonstrations.