State of emergency declared in American city due to riots

Governor of the U.S. state of Georgia, Brian Kemp, announced a state of emergency in Atlanta, where riots do not stop. About this writes RIA Novosti.

It is noted that the decree of the head of state allows the introduction into the city of up to a thousand troops of the National Guard of Georgia. As the governor explained, riots and violence, the level of which is only growing, have not stopped for several weeks in the state. So, last weekend as a result of shooting incidents 30 people were injured, five of whom died.

“The conversation will be tough,” the governor said in a statement. Kemp noted that authorities must protect the lives and livelihoods of all residents of the state.

At the same time, a number of media noted that the mayor of Atlanta, Democrat Kisha Lance Bottoms refused to ask for help from the National Guard and the Republican Governor did this for her.

In Atlanta, protests resumed over the death in mid-June of African-American Reichard Brooks. Demonstrators demand that the authorities stop the excessive use of force by police and ensure that African American rights are respected. Brooks was drunk sleeping in the parking lot of a fast food restaurant and was detained by police. During the arrest, he began to resist, pulled out a stun gun from the policeman and tried to escape. As a result, one of the police officers Garrett Rolf opened fire. Brooks later died in a hospital.

Since the end of May, mass protests have been held in dozens of US cities, accompanied by riots and clashes with police over the death of African-American George Floyd. In some states, they grew into riots with pogroms, robberies, shooting and arson. Protesters accuse police and racist prejudices in society of what happened.