States that want to separate from America

Have I ever thought that I would find out? Never in my life! America has always been for me a fertile land whose inhabitants are happy to live in their own country and would never want to change the situation. How wrong I was …

But first, let’s look at the territorial and political structure of the United States. States in America are entire mini-states with their own government, budget, infrastructure, property, and even a flag. Their independence and independence from the federal government is amazing. Of course, the “central” power of the United States can influence decisions and the course of development of the state, but this is done only in extreme cases.

In Russia, the subjects of the Federation also have a certain degree of independence, but the influence of the “center” is felt much stronger due to the centralized budget, while the US states have complete independence in terms of the distribution of money. And in some states there is so much money that sometimes the independence they have is not enough. This will be discussed in today’s article. While traveling in these states and communicating with the local population, I came across an amazing opinion: the invisible control of Washington has become an unnecessary burden for the residents of these states, and they would like to secede from the USA!

As I wrote in an article about the 5 best US states, California is the richest state in which the largest number of “brains” are concentrated: scientists, researchers, geniuses and businessmen. Most of the largest corporations, as well as startups, are located in this state. Millionaires and billionaires from all over the world come to this state for permanent residence. If this region separated from America and became a separate country, then it would be among the ten richest countries in the world! California can calmly separate from the country even now and does not lose anything.

No wonder locals want to become independent.

This is the second richest US state after California. It contains a third of all the country’s oil reserves, the development of the oil and gas industry is far ahead of all other states. But mineral reserves are only part of Texas wealth, as the state is famous for one of the country’s best farms, with over 16 million cattle. In addition, Texas is the main center for the development of computer components and systems, as well as software. Why is Texas so eager to separate from America? Do not forget that to this day there is a strong legacy of the “southerners” who, to put it mildly, were not eager to join the United States after the Civil War.

The food industry and the service sector are very developed here (everyone remembers the famous resort for the rich Aspen). Colorado also has the country’s largest banks. Anyway, Colorado is considered one of the most economically prosperous states. But the desire of its residents to secede from America is more likely due to the level of education and “intelligence” of people: the fact is that the education in the state is excellent, the Colorado University with the same name, which is considered one of the best in the country.