Stephen A. Smith Says Colin Kaepernick Was “Blackballed” Violated

The ESPN host Stephen A. Smith was the one who made headlines for suggesting that the Dallas Cowboys sign Colin Kaepernick. Kaepernick hasn’t been in the NFL since several years. Smith argued that Kaepernick had been “blackballed” in a new interview.

Kaepernick was known for taking a knee during pre-game national song to protest racial inequality and injustice across the U.S. Smith spoke with Esquire and said that Kaepernick was forced to face the consequences of such a bold act.

“I’m a Black man. He explained to Esquire that he learned from an early age that pneumonia is common in Black people who catch a cold. It’s always worse. To get to the top, there’s always another layer we need to climb and scratch our way through.

According to the sports personality, Kaepernick was unfairly dismissed because of his protests.

Smith stated, “It’s unfair, it wasn’t right.” Smith stated that he did not violate any laws and did not compromise his rights as an American citizen. He also did not violate any NFL bylaws. That is something we all know.

Smith believes that Kaepernick’s dispute with the NFL will have a significant impact on the player’s future. He stated that those who sue their employers shouldn’t be surprised to find out they aren’t hired back.

Esquire also got to know Smith about his podcast Know Mercy with Stephen A. Smith. He called it “a breath of fresh air” and said that the podcast allows him to discuss other non-sports-related topics like politics, current events, and entertainment.

The podcast’s debut episode was released Monday. It featured LL Cool J, a rap legend. Snoop Dogg will be joined by Chris Cuomo , an embattled TV journalist , and Fox host Sean Hannity.

Smith said two words about Esquire when asked about his political priorities: “common sense.” He said that while it seems like no one wants to compromise these times, no governing body has ever been given everything that they want.

Smith had nothing great to say about the supporters of the team, even though he had suggested Kaepernick’s name in place of injured Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Precott.

He said that “their fans are a bother in my you-know what,” and added: “Let’s just say something, the Cowboys don’t get on our nerves.” They’re the fans.

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