Steve Bing Dies – Producer, Philanthropist, and Former Actress Elizabeth Hurley

11 months ago

Film producer and millionaire Steve Bing, who financed projects such as Polar Express and Beowulf, died at the age of 55. Bing allegedly committed suicide by dropping from a building in Century City, California, Deadline reports.

Bing inherited $ 600 million from his grandfather, the developer at the age of 18, dropped out at Stanford University to conquer Hollywood. In 2004, he invested about $ 80 million in the film “Polar Express”: this amount was half the budget of the tape, which collected more than $ 300 million in world box office. In addition, Bing was known as a businessman, philanthropist, one of the screenwriters of the film “Kangaroo Jack “And a close friend of former US President Bill Clinton. In 2009, Bing even paid for Clinton’s trip to the DPRK, where he planned to participate in negotiations on the release of two American journalists.

The personal life of the producer has also repeatedly been in the spotlight of the public: including, after the affair with actress Elizabeth Hurley, who gave birth to his son Damien. Bing denied the fact of his paternity, claiming that the couple had a short-term and open relationship – however, a DNA test refuted his words. The millionaire also has a daughter, Kira Bonder, from former professional tennis player Lisa Bonder. According to sources, Bing did not communicate with any of the children, but throughout his life he continued to provide them with financial support.

According to Hurley, despite the fact that he and Bing “survived hard times,” over the past year, the couple’s relationship went smoothly. “We had a difficult relationship,” wrote the actress on Instagram, “but I still have many wonderful memories of him and his kindness. Only that matters. ” “It’s hard to believe that he is not there.” Formal confirmation of Bing’s death is still pending. According to sources, the cause of suicide could be depression caused by forced self-isolation due to the coronavirus pandemic.

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