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Strange rules followed by flight attendants

Strange rules followed by flight attendants

Airliner personnel must follow a huge number of rules. These rules mainly apply when they work directly on board, but there are some rules that flight attendants should follow even after the shift ends.

We will tell only about some of them, typical for all airlines.

Complete ban on alcohol during and after the shift

Cabin crew and aircraft crews are strictly forbidden to drink alcohol, both during the flight and the day before. There is also a strict ban on the use of alcohol during the rest of the crew. During the break between flights at the hotel, guides may leave the hotel only with the permission of the aircraft commander.

Perfect look

Large airlines are very picky when it comes to the look of their employees. It can almost be compared with Hollywood, when choosing candidates for the main role. It is very important for airlines that flight attendants serving passengers on board embody their best dreams of an ideal woman, not a catchy and professional make-up, a perfectly fitting uniform. These rules apply to overweight stewardesses.

Proper facial features

Jet Airways, for example, carefully checks before departure, even for acne on the face. Acne, scars, deafness and other imperfections are a serious obstacle to access to flights. Airlines are trying to recruit girls with the right features and even oval faces.

Ban on tattoos

In principle, tattoos are not an obstacle to access to flights. However, they must be packed so that passengers do not see them under uniform during the flight. The one exception is the legs. Since most stewardesses serve passengers in skirts, there should not be any tattoos on their feet.

Compliance with the dress code, even while on board

During long-haul flights on an aircraft, as a rule, there are 2 crews, a main crew and a shift crew. Even if you are a member of a shift crew, you are forbidden to go out to passengers with a violation of the uniform, loose hair or without makeup.

Stewardesses do not have the right to ask passengers for help when they lift heavy things onto luggage racks

No matter how heavy your suitcase is, the stewardess must lift it onto the luggage rack without resorting to your help. Of course, if you are a real gentleman, you will not allow a fragile girl to lift heavy things.

Hair should be perfectly styled during the entire flight

Airlines strictly monitor the appearance of cabin crew. Hairstyle stewardesses must strictly comply with the regulations of the airline. Firstly, it is not causing any color of hair, raspberry, blue, yellow and other bright colors are strictly prohibited. Secondly, no loose hair, braids and other cute female charms.

Hair should be only neutral in color, collected in a strict hairstyle, accessories only those that match the uniform.

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