Strangulation in Doubt: New Evidence in Floyd Case

2 weeks ago

During the George Floyd murder trial, the defense presented new evidence that suggests that police officer Derek Chauvin’s knee may not have been around Floyd’s neck.

The defendant’s attorney, Eric Nielsen, showed the court two 30-second videos that show that the cop’s knee was rather on George Floyd’s shoulder blade. One of the videos was shot by Officer Alexander Kuehn’s body camera and the other by witness Darnella Fraser. The videos were presented during cross-examination by Minneapolis Police Chief Medaria Arredondo, who agreed with Nielsen’s arguments about the location of Chauvin’s knee.

Arredondo noted that this was the first time he had seen the defendant’s knee resting on the dead man’s shoulder blade.

The prosecution stated immediately that Chauvin’s knee was only on Floyd’s shoulder blade for one specific moment “at a time when the ambulance had already arrived, shortly before Floyd’s body was loaded onto the gurney.”

Attorney Eric Nielsen had previously presented evidence to the court that George Floyd could have died from a drug overdose, which the prosecution also disagreed with.

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