Streets in Seattle and Portland are again the scene of war

Sunday’s actions against racial injustice, which took place in Portland and Seattle, ended in clashes between protesters and security forces.

The rioters in Seattle, Washington, smashed shop windows and looted stores, Fox News reported. The police said that a fire broke out in one of the precincts, after Molotov cocktails were thrown at it, one officer was hospitalized.

The demonstration began at approximately three in the afternoon at the intersection of Third Avenue and Pine Street. The crowd blocked the intersection. The demonstrators threw stones, bottles and other objects at the guards. The protesters then left Westlake Park and headed for the Municipal Courthouse, “leaving behind traces of property destruction.” “These are criminal acts, not peaceful protests,” Seattle police said.

Similar clashes between protesters and security officials took place in Portland, Oregon, where protests have been going on for more than 50 days. Portland Deputy Chief of Police Chris Davis blamed a small group of people with “criminal” inclinations who were “motivated by anarchist ideology” for what was happening.

After a night of violence in Portland, when rioters set fire to a police union building and officers fired tear gas on the Women in White group, White House Chief Donald Trump and Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler exchanged harsh remarks about each other, figuring out who was to blame for escalation of riots.

On Sunday, Trump denounced the Portland protests and the violence in Democratic-run cities. According to him, officials have lost control over what is happening.

“We are trying to help Portland, not harm it. We must protect federal property and our people,” Trump wrote on Twitter.

In an interview with Fox News Sunday, the president explained the rise in violence in cities such as Chicago and New York by the fact that these cities are controlled by Democrats who “liberally run metropolitan areas.”

Last week, federal law enforcement officers sent to Portland on Trump’s orders began detaining and placing dozens of protesters in unmarked vehicles. The mayor of the city said on Sunday that the federal authorities have sharply exacerbated the situation. “Their presence here actually leads to more violence and more vandalism,” Wheeler told CNN. “It doesn’t help resolve the situation at all. They are not needed here. We did not ask them to come here. In fact, we want them gone. “

Wheeler and Oregon Governor Keith Brown, both Democrats, called the move an abuse of power by the federal government, and the state is suing US law enforcement agencies. Both the governor and the mayor of Portland said in an interview with NPR that the administration’s action is nothing more than political theater to help Trump re-run for a second term in the fall. “The Trump administration must stop playing politics with people’s lives,” Brown said. “We have no secret police in this country. This is not a dictatorship. And Trump needs to get his officers off the streets.”

It became known that on July 19, Democrats in the US Congress demanded an internal investigation into whether “the justice and national security authorities have abused their powers in suppressing the protests in Portland.”