Study: L.A.’s biggest earthquake threat remained invisible

4 weeks ago

The greatest earthquake threat in Los Angeles is on an overlooked part of the San Andreas Fault, a new study has found.

Scientists have identified an unseen portion of the fault on the south side of the San Andreas, but this location may pose the most significant earthquake risk to the entire Los Angeles metropolitan area. And the discovery of this find is about 80 years overdue, the authors note.

Scientists say seismic activity along the San Andreas Fault could cause a devastating earthquake by 2030 with a 70 percent probability. But if their analysis is correct, it’s possible that when a long-predicted and much more destructive earthquake occurs, and it doesn’t go through the most vulnerable location, it may not cause as much damage to the region.

The San Andreas Fault is a fracture about 800 miles long that runs through much of California and has the potential to cause a large and highly destructive earthquake.

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