“Stupid and strange.” Bill Gates wants to vaccinate 80% of the world’s population and shrugs off conspiracy theory

11 months ago

During an interview this Wednesday, billionaire philanthropist Bill Gates dismissed conspiracy theories about the idea of ​​using vaccines to implant microarrays in humans.

I have never done any things like microchips. These statements are difficult to refute, because they are both stupid or strange.

Bill Gates has long spoken about the dangers of pandemics and called on world leaders, including Donald Trump at the end of 2016, to take more decisive steps to prepare for such events.

However, coronavirus-related Gates conspiracy theories exploded on social networks and were repeatedly mentioned on television: a total of 1.2 million times were mentioned from February to April, according to Zignal Labs.

In a survey conducted at the end of May by Yahoo News and YouGov, 28% of Americans said they believed the conspiracy theory to be true. Gates expressed concern about this, since for the formation of group immunity, when the vaccine appears, he said, it is necessary to vaccinate about 80% of the world’s population. If people think that this is a scam and do not want to invest, then the coronavirus will continue to kill people.

The world must work together to develop safe and effective vaccines and do everything possible so that we expand production so that we can provide vaccines to those who need them most, and not those who can pay the most.

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