Supermarkets Loblaws test unmanned delivery vehicles

Supermarkets Loblaws test unmanned delivery vehicles

Don’t be afraid if you soon start noticing trucks on the streets of Toronto, which are driven by no one.

The fact is that Loblaws and technology company Gatik have signed an agreement to supply self-managed delivery vehicles to Canada. Their testing will begin in Greater Toronto in January.

Five vans will deliver goods to Loblaw supermarkets throughout the city for 12 hours a day, seven days a week.

The goods will be picked up at an automated point – self-service software allows these trucks to travel both on city streets and on the highways.

During the tests in the cars for safety reasons, the passenger seat must still be a person who is called a co-pilot.

Self-propelled vehicles have been tested in Ontario since January 1, 2019. Testing is allowed on public roads, provided you meet special requirements. Each car must have a person who monitors traffic, or an operator who monitors the car remotely.