Supermarkets remove weapons and ammunition from counters

US retailer Walmart has removed guns and ammunition from its store shelves. This is a warning step ahead of possible civil unrest in connection with the US presidential election.

Human rights activists are already expressing fears that the US police will not be able to ensure law and order after the general election of the head of state on November 3.

Firearms and ammunition were transported to warehouses; how long is not decided yet. That said, customers can still turn to Walmart employees to buy it.

Supermarket chain Walmart has taken guns off shelves before. The last time it was during the violent protests and riots that erupted after the killing of African American George Floyd by police in late May.

“This is a preventative measure to keep our employees and customers safer,”

said a Walmart spokesman

Walmart faced pressure to stop selling firearms after two shots with 24 fatalities in stores over the summer, a week apart.

As a result, Walmart decided to stop selling some types of rifle ammunition that are commonly used in hunting rifles, but can also be used with military-grade weapons. The store also plans to stop selling pistol cartridges. These measures are intended to reduce the network’s overall share of the US ammunition market from 20% to 6-9%. The “remaining range” of firearms will be tailored to the needs of hunting and shooting enthusiasts. The chain also stopped selling assault rifle-like toys, including airsoft guns.

In addition, Walmart is urging policymakers to “move forward and strengthen background checks to restrict weapons from those who pose a“ clear danger ”.

According to estimates by the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF), 2020 already claims to be the record for the sale of firearms in the United States. According to this lobbying organization, this is due to an unprecedented increase in the demand for weapons among women and African Americans. An earlier record year for US firearms sales was 2016. Then more than 15.7 million weapons were purchased. In 2020, by the end of September, this figure had already reached 1.6 million.

Americans tend to stockpile firearms and ammunition more often during election years. US citizens fear that the new government may impose restrictions on weapons. The pandemic also boosted arms sales this year.

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