Supervolcano Yellowstone: why it can destroy the United States

Yellowstone is a supervolcano in the United States. For several years now, the world has been excited by the news that it is about to wake up, a catastrophe will happen, America will end, and the world will plunge into a nuclear winter. While the supervolcano is sleeping.

Worst case scenario
The most pessimistic scenario of awakening a supervolcano is this: it will be an explosion comparable to the explosion of 1000 atomic bombs. The ground part of the supervolcano will collapse into a funnel with a diameter of fifty kilometers. There will be an environmental disaster on Earth. For the United States, the eruption of Yellowstone will mean the end of existence.

The saddest thing is that not only alarmists, but also experts say about such consequences. Jacob Lowenstern from the Yellowstone Volcanic Observatory (USA) said that in all previous eruptions of the supervolcano (there were three), more than 1 thousand km³ of magma fell outside. This is enough to cover most of North America with a layer of ash up to 30 cm (at the epicenter of the disaster). Lowenstern also noted that the temperature of the whole earth will drop by 21 degrees, visibility for several years will not be more than half a meter. There will come an era similar to nuclear winter.

Hurricane Katrina showed that the US civil defense system is not ready for such large-scale disasters – and even a single civil defense will not be able to prepare for them.

Do not get tired of predicting the eruption of a supervolcano and domestic scientists. Head of the Department of Dynamic Geology, Geological Faculty of Moscow State University Nikolai Koronovsky in an interview with Vesti told what will happen after the eruption:

“The winds prevail west, so everything will go to the east of the United States. Will cover them. Solar radiation will decrease, which means that the temperature will have to fall. A well-known case of the eruption of the volcano Krakatau in the Sunda Strait in 1873 lowered the temperature by about 2 degrees in the equatorial part by a year and a half, until the ash dissipated. “

Super volcano
Such forecasts are not surprising, if we remember that we have a supervolcano. What is it? Super volcanoes can be called the most dangerous zones on the globe.

Yellowstone is a huge caldera hidden underground. Its area is 4000 km2. For comparison: the area of ​​Moscow is 2500 km2, that is, Yellowstone is 1.5 times more than the capital of Russia, twice as much as Tokyo, four times as much as New York.

Scientists did not know about the existence of supervolcanoes until that time, until they launched the first geosatellites. Yellowstone is so huge that it does not even form a cone, so it does not look like a typical volcano.

The threat is near
The alarming predictions of an imminent eruption come from the scientific community. Professor of Geology Bill McGuire, who constantly monitors the park, assesses the situation this way: “America lives, literally, on a powder keg. Satellite images and the movement of the earth’s crust indicate that active processes are going deep in the bowels. There are other signs that he might wake up. The surface of Yellowstone Park emits 30–40 times more thermal energy than the rest of the continent. ”

The peak of the panic came in the spring of 2014. Since the beginning of 2014, 60 tremors were recorded in the area of ​​the volcano. The strongest – on the morning of March 30 – its magnitude was 4.8 – a record since 1980.

The Internet community did not stand aside. Millions of views on Youtube scored a video where bison sweep away from the park. However, the employees of the reserve immediately declared that it was seasonal migration – there was nothing to worry about.

As it was before
The last major eruption of Yellowstone happened about 640 thousand years ago. Its strength was 2500 times greater than the power of the largest eruptions of the volcano Etna, and as a result, the coastline of the ocean changed and the Mediterranean Sea froze. It is difficult to visualize, but for the Earth it was a disaster.