Supreme Court in the United States allowed to complete the wall on the border with Mexico

The judges were considering whether the administration could raise Pentagon funds to create additional barriers on the US-Mexico border without Congress permission.

The US Supreme Court on Friday, July 31, made a decision that allows further construction of the wall on the Mexican border, CNN reports.

It is noted that human rights activists called on judges to overturn last year’s decision, which allowed the US government to continue building the wall. According to the results of the vote, five judges were in favor of the construction permit, while four were against.

The station notes that a federal appeals court ruled against Trump last month, arguing that the administration has no authority to raise Pentagon funds to create additional barriers on the U.S.-Mexico border without congressional approval.

Recall that earlier a federal court banned Trump from spending Pentagon money on the wall. The attempt to redistribute funds intended for military construction by declaring a state of emergency was illegal, a judge in Texas said. However, in January 2020, the Court of Appeal allowed the wall to continue to be built on the US-Mexico border.

As you know, the construction of the border wall was one of Trump’s main campaign promises.