Tel Aviv protesters block streets

11 months ago

Protesters against annexation in Tel Aviv blocked Ibn Gabirol Street.

It is noted that the demonstrators are chanting the name of the Palestinian man Iyad al-Khalak, who was killed by MAGAV employees. It is reported by The Times Of Israel.

The rally against the annexation was supported by US Senator Democrat Bernie Sanders. In his video message to the protesters, he said that Israel should abandon its plans for annexation.

“The plans for the annexation of any part of the West Bank should be canceled. The occupation must be stopped, and we must work together for the future equality and dignity of all people in Israel and Palestine, ”said Sanders.

Tel Aviv police threatened to disperse the demonstrators if they did not stop blocking Ibn Gabirol Street.

As a result, the police had to use force to force the protesters to unblock the street.

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