Teresa Giudice Say’s: ‘RHONJ’ Easier Than ‘DWTS’?

Teresa Giudice might have regrets over her decision to join the cast of Dancing With the Stars. The show airs this evening at 8 p.m. ET on Disney Plus. But, Teresa is reportedly having reservations regarding the show. She is aware that she’s not an “natural dancer” and has an idea that she’ll be the first to go.

It’s possible that the Real Housewives of New Jersey star may be a little cold regarding dancing tonight. Teresa will dance in a professional dancing group with Pasha Pashkov. They’re safe with Pasha. But she’s not the only one. Bravo star is beginning to realize that DWTS is more difficult than RHONJ.

Sure, she’s flipping the table when she’s upset. When dancing, she’s not sure how she’s performing. Learn the details about Teresa Giudice’s stated emotions.

Could this RHONJ Star be the initial to go?

The reality TV star doesn’t want be the first to leave the show. But she’s worried that it might happen this way. Teresa Giudice is feeling nervous about participating in the renowned dancing competition. She isn’t sure if she’ll get to the finish line.

“Teresa has told friends she’s super stressed about DWTS,” an insider informed The Sun. “She does not think she’ll be able to make it past one round. She’s not the most natural dancer — she just decided to do something new. However, it’s more challenging than she thought and she’s afraid she’ll miss eliminated first.”

This is after the reality TV star told People that she’s already feeling pressure. She’s trying be able to show off her girls who began to dance while they were kids. Teresa is also determined she makes her husband Luis Ruela proud since he’s Latino and is a dancer.

“So I definitely have to make him proud,” Teresa Giudice told People. “He dances amazingly. That’s why I want to make his family and him proud.”

For her daughters, she believes that if they take it on and pick it up, she should too. Teresa is determined for everyone watching to be happy with her. She recognizes that she’s not an innate talent. But, she is under the pressure to be a weakling and to surprise everyone.

Teresa Giudice teases DWTS Season 31 debut outfit

Teresa Giudice teased the costume she’s planning to wear for the 31st season of Dancing with the Stars. She posted a picture of herself with Pasha. This New Jersey native wore a red gown with the highest slit as well as an open-faced bustier. The outfit was completed by wearing red lips and diamond earrings.

The actress showcased her strong legs, as well as her black-painted toes. The actress wore the silver-colored sequin shoes. In addition, Pasha wore a black and red floral print blazer, the black button-down shirt trousers that were a match. The couple looked stunning at their wedding reception.

What do you think? Do you believe that Teresa Giudice will be the first person to be kicked off DWTS? Do you think she will take it all the way? Comment below in the comments section.

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