Terrorist attack using poison and explosives prevented in Poland

Terrorist attack using poison and explosives prevented in Poland

The Internal Security Agency of Poland has prevented a terrorist attack using explosives and poisonous substances in 2020.

As noted, a group of people planned to attack one of the religious sites of the Islamic community. The intruders were going to use poisonous substances, as well as to blow up a bomb during the attack. They wanted to prevent the “islamicization” of Poland by means of an attack.

All of the detainees voiced extreme right-wing views. One of them publicly called for violence based on national, ethnic, racial and religious differences and incited hatred. Another, in turn, created a manifesto in which they found Islamophobia and calls to persecute and attack newcomers. It is noted that this method is similar to the actions of the terrorist Brenton Tarrent, who shot people in a New Zealand mosque.

During the investigation, explosives, firearms and ammunition were found and seized. It was also discovered that one of the perpetrators made the guns and explosives himself. The accused face up to 10 years in prison.

In mid-December 2020 it became known that in the United States a man was charged with planning an attack on a skyscraper similar to the September 11, 2001 terrorist attack.