Tesla is preparing to merge with other automakers

Tesla is preparing to merge with other automakers

Ilona Mask Tesla company is interested in merging with other car manufacturers.

So far, the Tesla company has no possible allies in this matter, but if such a question becomes, it is ready to consider options. The head of Tesla, Ilona Mask, said this in an interview with billionaire businessman Matthias Döpfner, head of Axel Springer publishing house, writes TechCrunch.

Musk, answering the question of whether Tesla is considering buying one of the competitors, given that the market value of the company is already more than 500 billion dollars, said, “We certainly would not go through a hostile takeover. However, if anyone thinks merging with Tesla would be a good idea, we will definitely talk.

Now Tesla shows the highest level of market capitalization among all car manufacturers – almost 550 billion dollars. In this case, the capitalization of Toyota (2nd position in the list) is 190 billion dollars, and Volkswagen (closes TOP-3) – 94.2 billion dollars.

It is noted that at the moment Tesla produces four electric cars: elevator back Model S, crossovers Model X and Model Y, and a sedan Model 3. In two years, the company intends to bring to the world market also pickup Cybertruck.