Tesla may open its own restaurants at charging stations

3 weeks ago
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For now, the company is already installing vending machines with food and drinks for drivers at battery charging points.

Elon Musk said that his company Tesla may soon open its own chain of restaurants. Some time ago, these plans were also reported by other executives at the automaker. At the moment, the company has already initiated the process of registering a new trademark, which will allow to place customers in the format of restaurant establishments, carry out takeout orders, as well as install self-service stations.

Tesla may open its own restaurants at charging stations

Previously, Tesla representatives announced plans to create a network of catering facilities at charging stations for electric cars. Musk wrote in social networks about the intention to create a network of establishments in the retro style. The company has already begun to implement certain ideas. For some time, food and drink machines are being installed in the waiting rooms of the battery charging stations.

In addition, Musk plans to expand the existing service, replacing vending machines with full-fledged 24-hour stores. The head of Tesla wrote about this on his page on Twitter. At the moment the application for trademark registration is pending. The decision is likely to be made by the end of the summer.