Texas wants the Supreme Court not to recognize Biden’s victory

Texas wants the Supreme Court not to recognize Biden's victory

The presidential election is over, Joe Biden won, and Donald Trump lost. No matter how many people accept conspiracy theories about missing ballots and dead voters, the American people said their word. However, some states are struggling to reverse a Democrat victory.

Texas attorney general Ken Paxton, in particular, is suing Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin because, he said, changes to the rules of November elections in these states caused by the pandemic have led to massive fraud.

Paxton, who also led Trump’s supported legal fight against the Affordable Care Act, is himself accused of securities fraud. Senior associates also filed a recent letter of complaint calling for an investigation into Paxton’s activities on charges of bribery and other abuse of office.

Even the most conservative Supreme Court judges whom Paxton asked to weigh his argument that presidential voters in the four states should be disqualified are unlikely to find much use in reversing the results, analysts say.