6 days ago

Thanks to masks: drug sales down 30%

6 days ago

Israeli pharmacy chains and pharmaceutical companies report a sharp drop in sales of antibiotics and remedies for seasonal colds in 2020.

Doctors and pharmacists attribute this to the sharp decline in cases of flu, colds and acute respiratory infections during the coronavirus epidemic and the strict adherence to masking and social distance.

Dr. Doron Netzer, director of the Clalit Health Insurance Company’s medication administration, said: “Sales of antibiotics have dropped by dozens of percent, 20% for adults and 30 for children. Since March 2020, people have followed strict rules of hygiene and social distance.”

It has also been reported that pharmaceutical giants such as Novartis and Roche have missed sales targets — in part because of a sharp decline in demand for cancer drugs. This is because most cancer treatments at hospitals and clinics were phased out during the lockdown period.

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