The 20-year-old “grandmother” surprised the network

12 months ago

A woman gave birth to a daughter at a young age and became a grandmother early.

The American grandmother, looking 20 years old, struck the net with her appearance.

California resident Alice Vasquez is a grandmother at the age of 41. She admits that her first daughter gave birth at 16, so she was able to become a grandmother at a young age.

The 20-year-old "grandmother" surprised the network

Besides, the American woman is a yoga instructor and has a passion for fitness. According to Vasquez, she is often told that at her 40s she looks better than some girls at 20.

Recently her “young” grandmother started a page in Instagram. She publishes pictures of a trim figure and a young face. There are 32 thousand people signed up for an American woman’s account. Users note that Vasquez looks stunning.

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