11 months ago

The actor killed himself after trying to kill his ex-girlfriend

11 months ago

merican actor Gagen Mills committed suicide after trying to kill his ex-lover. This is reported by CNN.

It is noted that the incident occurred in the evening of May 20. Mills was waiting for his ex-girlfriend Erika Pierce near the house in Mayfield. When she returned from work and entered the house, the actor began shooting her with a gun in front of his 4-year-old daughter Mila.

The woman was wounded in the chest and arm, the girl was not physically injured. Pris called the police, who found the actor dead at the scene. It is reported that he killed himself. The actor was 29 years old.

Gagen Mills became popular after his role in the comedy series Basketts, which received Emmy. He is also known for his roles in projects by Ashley, Swedish Guns, Bonnie and Clyde: Justified, Some Justice and others.

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