The American Dream and the Realities of Life in the USA

Once, in the late 1940s, the USSR, who was estranged from the outside world, was filled with dudes: It’s fashionable, and American permissiveness penetrated the country with harsh customs and fear for the future. The catchy style of clothing, licentiousness, casual connections and jazz became a dream for most of the whole generation.

And they called it the “American Dream”!

Then for the first time Soviet people felt the influence of the United States. The latest time in the history of Russia is the era of active cultural borrowing. Chewing gum, chips and soda are in the highest demand: they are clogged with all the shelves in supermarkets.

People decided on global changes: moving to America brings continuous surprises and turns the old world inside out.

But then what …

Upon arrival in the United States, you can get to your destination by metro or taxi, but the public transport system is fully developed only in large states such as New York, California. Sometimes bus routes run through underground tracks. At the same time, one should not forget that taxi prices in America are much higher than in Russia, which is also due to the high salaries of the country’s citizens: the minimum wage is $ 7 per hour at the legislative level. It is customary to leave a tip, which will cost 10-15% of the cost of the trip. It is necessary to take into account the amount of taxes, which will be 5-9%. A universal vehicle on US roads is its own car, which provides autonomous movement, as well as the ability to travel outside the city, as in some states intercity trains do not circulate at all. You can obtain a driver’s license from the Department of Vehicles or go to a driving school if you have committed a serious offense earlier.

American reality: US everyday life

The first thing that every immigrant has to deal with is the deliberate friendliness of the Americans: a genuine interest in plans for the weekend, a smile for strangers. People are disposed towards visitors of all nationalities, respect their customs: immigration to the USA has long been the norm.

The arrangement of rooms in houses and apartments in America differs significantly from the standard:

  1. The bathroom does not have a removable shower with an adjustable flow of water
  2. The walls, as a rule, are upholstered with drywall, from which sound insulation is of poor quality
  3. Cosmetic repairs in American homes are often uncomplicated: the walls are covered with paint, which is sometimes applied texture
  4. Ceiling lighting is not welcome

The beauty industry in the country is not developed. Most Americans do not tend to grooming, so real professionals in this matter are a curiosity. Fortunately, the small business in the USA is developing small business. Supermarkets in America are full of various products that you will not find in other countries. But in the United States there are only four major mobile operators.

Despite the fact that the United States is considered to be a country with a high standard of living, there is no state medical service, and private clinics operate. The cost of services provided in clinics and medicines is objectively high, and some medicines can be purchased only after a visit to the doctor.