The American Film Academy has made changes to the Oscars

In the prestigious film award “Oscar” there are new rules.

The American Film Academy said that, under the new rules, the nomination “Best Picture” must involve 10 paintings. Previously, this number ranged from 5 to 10. A similar rule applied to short animated, documentary and feature films. In these categories can now participate 15 applicants, while previously there could be only 10.

This is reported on the official website of the American Film Academy.

Also the new rules apply to musical nominations: now, in order to win the Oscar for best soundtrack, it must play a minimum of 35% of the film. Before that, it had to play in 60% of the picture. In the category “Best Song” can claim no more than five songs from the same movie, and in the category “Best Sound” introduced a preliminary vote. The short list in this category will be formed of 10 contenders.