The American has lost 165 kilograms by his own method

Zachary Muncie, a resident of the American city of Patascala, lost 165 kilograms in a year and three months, having developed his own method, reports the TV channel “360” with reference to the Daily Mail.

Since childhood, the man was overweight, and after graduation he began to gain even more kilograms. He constantly ate junk food, consuming up to eight thousand calories a day. As a result, by the age of 23, Zachary already weighed 317 kilograms.

In 2019, the young man turned to doctors. The doctor warned him that due to being overweight, he could die. The man was frightened by these words, he decided to change his life by creating diet versions of his favorite dishes. He also gave up carbonated drinks.

According to the American, he consumed only two thousand calories a day. He managed to get rid of 165 kilograms of excess weight in a year and three months. Now the young man’s goal is to lose weight up to 95 kilograms. He also has an operation to remove excess skin.