The Americanist called Trump’s chances of keeping his presidential seat low

The Americanist called Trump's chances of keeping his presidential seat low

US President Donald Trump said he would leave the White House if the electoral college voted for Democrat Joe Biden. However, Yuri Rogulev, director of the Roosevelt Moscow State University U.S. Studies Foundation, said in a conversation with the National Assembly that the current U.S. leader has no chances for a second presidential term.

“The U.S. Constitution stipulates that voters must vote according to the will of the voters. This, as I see it, is a two-stage system, because there are no direct elections. So the voters, executing the law, will vote as citizens did,” Rogulev said.

The expert stressed that Trump does not trust the processes that are going on in the U.S., because in a number of states the counting of votes has not yet been completed. Because of this, according to the American, he refuses to admit his defeat, but “when the voters so vote, there will be nothing to refuse”.

As Rogulev explained, some violations were recorded during the elections. However, they were not so serious that the Supreme Court could review all the voting results. In addition, Trump’s opponent, Joe Biden, will officially take office on January 20, 2021. In particular, special tribunes are already being erected in Washington to hold the solemn event.

“Electors will vote in December, the process of transfer of power has already begun, but to begin all business on January 20, the president must already be in the White House. And after December 14, there is little time left to make repairs, reshuffles. There are not only residential apartments, but also offices. It is also Christmas and New Year’s Eve, so Trump wants to – he does not want to – he has to leave there,” said the expert.

Let us remind you that the presidential elections in the USA were held on November 3. Then a number of leading American mass media announced about the victory of the Democratic Party candidate Joe Biden. The electoral headquarters of Republican Donald Trump began the process of contesting the election results in court. In addition, the incumbent U.S. leader claims numerous falsifications.

Trump, however, has already ordered the head of the General Services Administration (GSA) to initiate a procedure to transfer power in the country to Joe Biden.