The Americans determined which fighter is the best in the world, and it turned out to be Russian

In the US, experts concluded that the MiG-35 is objectively the most combat-ready fighter. It closely approaches the American F-35, the fifth generation, but at the same time it is much cheaper in production and operation.

This was reported by the overseas publication Military Watch. It is amazing that overseas noted the excellent characteristics of the MiG-35. It is possible that this publication is hiding some kind of obscure intrigue. In particular, the article says that if a fighter appears in Syria, it will completely change the balance of power in this region of the Middle East. Military Watch claims that neither the Turkish Air Force nor the Israeli Air Force possess fighters capable of resisting it.

American analysts are simply pushing the Russian military to send the MiG-35 to Syria as soon as possible. According to them, “by participating in operations in the Middle East, a fighter will be able to demonstrate its unique ability to deliver high-precision strikes, its ability to withstand air and ground attacks and counter the enemy’s invasion of Syrian airspace.” Moreover, Military Watch experts say that the use of the MiG-35 in a combat situation can significantly increase the interest of potential foreign buyers, in particular India.

Russia is really actively promoting the MiG-35 in India. In general, it was once created specifically for this country and participated there in a competition for a light fighter. The tender ended in 2011, France won it. The Indians themselves believe that only because of the corruption of military and civilian officials was Rafale chosen. But over the past decade, the Indian Air Force could not get a single fighter from France. Recently it became known that India is announcing a new competition for MiG-35 class fighters, and our machine has the most preferable odds.

At the end of the twentieth century, the MiG-29 was recognized as the best front-line fighter in the world. Unpretentious to maintain, quite easy to operate, very maneuverable and reliable. He – the only one in the world – the engines did not stall at any turns. In the design of the MiG-35, it was possible to preserve and significantly increase all the best characteristics of its predecessor. And already at the beginning of the XXI century, he may well claim the title of best in class.

The MiG-35 is capable of effectively hitting ground, air and surface targets at night and in difficult weather conditions with passive and active electronic countermeasures of the enemy.

The MiG-35 armament consists of a 30 mm built-in gun GSH-30-1, guided missile weapons of short and medium range capable of hitting air, ground and surface targets. It can also carry powerful adjustable and conventional bombs. The most advanced radar equipment and the latest fire control system allow tracking 30 air targets at a distance of up to 160 km. At the same time, the MiG-35 is able to capture up to six air and four ground targets simultaneously, process them and attack. The attack is on the principle of a shot – forgot. That is, by firing at selected targets, the pilot immediately switches to selecting and attacking new ones. Experts note that in terms of the integration of technological solutions that belong to the fifth generation of fighters, the MiG-35 has no equal among foreign analogues.

It is not surprising that thirty countries have already shown interest in it on the international arms market. And it is entirely possible that the Military Watch publication, by publishing an almost advertising article about this aircraft, really provokes our military to send the MiG-35 to Syria as soon as possible. Russian aviation experts admit that the Americans are eager to evaluate this fighter in real combat conditions and, if possible, remove as many technical specifications from it as possible. Modern reconnaissance aircraft, which more than enough flies in the Syrian region, are capable of this.