The Americans organized an online assault of stores on “Black Friday”.

The Americans organized an online assault of stores on "Black Friday".

In the USA, the Coronavirus Pandemic sets new records. The number of patients has already exceeded 13 million, about 270 thousand people died. In Los Angeles again introduced a regime of self-isolation: you can not gather in groups on the streets and in enclosed spaces. The restrictions will last at least three weeks.

The pandemic has made its adjustments on the so-called “Black Friday”. This year’s traditional sales are mostly online. It is surprisingly quiet in the stores. If in the past years, due to record discounts, customers took the counters by storm, now retailers are doing everything to avoid queues.

“You know, this year I like it better, because you don’t have to fight the crowd and it saves you a lot of nerves. Everything is very calm. So, yes, I am happy,” said buyer Erin Browning.

Supermarkets are only allowed in masks and gloves, many stores are only open by appointment.