The annular solar eclipse has passed!

11 months ago

Lucky starships in the east saw a ring solar eclipse live, but for most people it was almost invisible.

This type of eclipse is characterized by a stunning “ring of fire”, since the edges of the Sun are visible behind the Moon. In order for the eclipse to be so, several conditions must come down, including certain distances between the Earth, the Moon and the Sun. “The circular eclipses are similar to the total ones after that the Moon, the Earth and the Sun are aligned so that the Moon moves right in front of the Sun. But a total eclipse does not occur, that is, the Moon does not completely block the visible disk of the Sun, so we can see the ring, ”said Alex Young, deputy director for science at the Goddard Space Flight Center.

The ring eclipse began at 4:47 UTC from dawn in Africa, then “advanced” to China and ended over the Pacific Ocean. The peak occurred at 6:40 UTC.

The total eclipse lasted about 3.75 hours, the peak – only less than a minute. To see the annular eclipse recording, you can go to The Virtual Telescope Project. Also, many videos and live broadcasts with eclipse are posted on social networks.

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