The armored car drove up, but there is no one to climb on it yet! What is going on in the USA

Yes, friends, I’d like to write about history, about historical fakes, but I have to – so to speak for the sake of the day … And I have to write an article on biology, specifically about one fat, furry northern animal that visited the United States. Here in our country, everyone was very excited about the events in the United States, where the villages, or rather American cities, burn for the fourth day, and not the fourth, or the sixth, or the seventh …

Well, now seriously … Here the whole Internet is very actively discussing what is happening. Yes and no wonder. About thirty (!) US cities are engulfed in protests, which often smoothly turn into robberies … Moreover, the attitude to what is happening in public directly depends on what views are being discussed, the left talk about almost the American socialist revolution, and the liberals – stigmatize blacks who took advantage of the situation to rob. And I cannot agree with those with others ..

It must be said that something similar happens in the USA quite often. I can name such events only as a keepsake – Los Angeles in 1992, Ferguson in 2014, and now Minnopolis in 2020 … All these riots had cruelty to African Americans as a reason. But here it must be said that police brutality in the USA is not something out of the ordinary. About a thousand people die every year at the hands of the police. Why is this happening? For different reasons. Here it is necessary to repeat the banality that the police are in the service of the ruling class, that capitalism in the United States, which means that it will protect the capitalists, and not ordinary people. In addition, there is another factor … As we all know, in the country of America the free sale of weapons. That is, there was a firearm like dirt. According to some reports, about 400 million trunks are in the hands of US citizens. Given that the entire US population last year was 328 million people, it turns out that every resident of the United States, including infants, owns at least one firearm. And some have two trunks … It’s clear that this is statistics .. It’s like the average temperature in a hospital, but …. This aspect with the armament of the population gives the average American police officer additional paint. It turns out that going to any one, I repeat any incident, whether into a drunken brawl, domestic violence, what can I say, just checking documents on the street, this same policeman could well catch a bullet. And, imagine, Amer cops know this … And, as a rule, this is not included in their plans … They have families, mortgages, cats, and simply would not want to … Therefore, the police try to shoot first. And it’s not always the case, when you need to shoot … Given that there in such cases, as a rule, the policeman is always right, we get an oil painting.

That is, it turns out that because of police brutality, you can rebel every day, even several times a day. However, a year ago no one rebelled, a month ago no one rebelled, and now they have rebelled … Why ?!

But very simple. In the USA, so that different fools from Tick-Tok do not say, life is far from sugar. At least the majority of the population. And then there was the epidemic of coronavirus added. And, as a result, there are now 40 million (40,000,000!) Unemployed in the USA. And what did Grandfather Lenin tell us about what happens when a sharp aggravation occurs, above the ordinary, need and calamities of the oppressed classes? That’s right, a revolutionary situation is taking shape. Here it is, our dear one, and has developed now in the USA …

Here we come to the next question. Does a revolution in the USA mean? My answer is short and decisive – no! And here we must again recall Vladimir Ilyich Lenin. Remember what he wrote about the guiding guiding force that should lead a popular protest? So, in our country in October 1917 there was such a force. These are the Bolsheviks! But in the USA in May 2020 there is no such force. Not yet. That is, speaking in a simple way, the armored car drove up, but there is no one to climb on it yet! Alas!