The army against trump. US turns into African dictatorship

For the first time in the entire history of the United States, a Democratic candidate for the presidency is saying openly things that would more likely fit the African dictatorship.

In November 2020, the U.S. Army will come to the aid of democracy and expel Republican Donald Trump from the White House. This is the picture of the future on June 11 painted by Democrat Joe Biden, a former US vice president, a rival of the incumbent president for his main work in the country.

According to Biden, this will happen if Trump refuses to admit defeat in the November elections and declares that he will remain in the White House. This is written by the author on the website of “NV”.

Biden’s loud statement

The Democratic presidential candidate also said that the current president’s possible refusal to resign in case of defeat is the main concern of the current opposition. Listen to Biden’s quote: “But I am fully convinced that in such a situation, our military will kick him out of the White House with a good kick.”

The words of the former vice president are optimistic and even fervent. But actually, if you look, the situation is completely unhappy. I do not recall in recent US history that one presidential candidate hoped for the help of the American army to confirm his victory.

In modern times, such a situation, even in Latin America, would be urgent. Now, I think, only in the poorest and most backward countries of Africa, the presidential candidate must hope for the help of the military so that his victory is not stolen.