11 months ago

The Australian, who for 5 years wore rings around her neck, decided to take them off

11 months ago

Sandy Tufford, from Australia, was so passionate about the history of the Padaun tribe, their way of life, that she herself decided to apply one of the ancient traditions to herself. A 5-year-old girl wore rings around her neck that made her neck longer than usual. After 5 years, she took off this unusual decoration, and here is what came of it.

An unusual tradition to wear rings around the neck came from the Padaung tribe who live in Thailand. Among the indigenous people of Karen, this practice is widespread. Girls from 6-7 years of age begin to wear strange jewelry, which are turns of copper wire, which from the side seem to be rings or hoops.

It’s hard to say why they are doing this. The padowns themselves have several answers to this question. Someone says that such rings can protect predatory animals from being bitten into the neck. Some say that in the old days they kept family values ​​like that, and the wire that was wound around the neck was not copper, but gold. Someone just considers it beautiful and attractive to local men.

That is what such women are called, with an unusually long and elongated neck, similar to the neck of a giraffe. This is exactly what Sandy wanted to become, spending 5 years of her life on it.

Not all friends and relatives of the girl shared such a hobby. Parents were extremely unhappy, but could not do anything. The danger of such hobbies lies in the fact that a neck enclosed in copper rings ceases to move fully. Over time, weakness of the neck muscles develops, difficulty in turning from side to side. After 5 years, Sandy’s experiment was completed. Apparently, the girl was pleased with the result.

The girl considered that her neck was 4 cm longer. In one of the social networks, she said that she did not regret anything, but the second time she would not set up such an experiment on herself.

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